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Just the facts, ma'am! Why is there a term in German that means "grief bacon"? Was Batman never supposed to have a Robin? Where the hell is the San Andreas Fault anyway? Joey King (Independence Day 2, The Conjuring) joins the guys in studio to answer all of these and more.

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Director of Fanboys and upcoming Barely Lethal Kyle Newman(@Kyle_Newman) joins Razzle and guest host Andy Haynes(@ImAndyHaynes) to chat facts about Arsenal, Soccer, Star Wars, Charleston Chews, and more!

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Razzle is joined by comedian Josh Macuga and writer/producer Duncan Birmingham to chat about rare dog diseases, wealthy app companies, and the Gruen Effect!

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May the Fourth be with you! The Sith hits the fan on today's show as comedian Shane Mauss (Mating Season, Here We Are Podcast) joins the guys to talk about what Razzle is really like as a roommate, pigeon racing, Star Wars silliness, and high-speed forklift driving.


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