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Facts on facts on facts! Comedian Brady Matthews (J. Edgar, Femme Fatales) swings by the studio to help Dan and Razzle answer some of life's great questions. What's the fastest way to get the right answer to your question on the Internet? How much does it cost to clean the Chicago Bean? What're the secret origins of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are? Tune in and find out the answer to all of these and more!

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Dan went missing this week, so rather than send out a search party, Razzle recruited Zane Grant (Mystic Party Podcast) to fill in as guest host. It's a good thing he did because today's guest, actor/director Jay Duplass (HBO's TogethernessJeff Who Lives at Home, Amazon's Transparent), has a strict 2 host or more minimum. In today's episode, they guys talk about how O.J. Simpson almost played the Terminator, why you can't find any pepperoni in Italy, why Volkswagen might be the secret Illuminati of luxury cars, and much more.

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The Spicer must flow, so we invited the hilarious Christian Spicer (What's New with Christian SpicerDLC, Sketchmelt, UCB) to join us in studio to answer life's hard-hitting questions. What is the Abilene Paradox? How many pounds of avocado does Chipotle use each day? Why do we sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game during the baseball games? Tune in and find out!

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Get ready for a fact attack as Omar Dorsey (Ray Donovan, Selma) joins the guys in studio to talk about the Gold Rush of 1849, the origins of the Slurpee, the worst snow storms ever to hit Atlanta, and much more!

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