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May the Fourth be with you! The Sith hits the fan on today's show as comedian Shane Mauss (Mating Season, Here We Are Podcast) joins the guys to talk about what Razzle is really like as a roommate, pigeon racing, Star Wars silliness, and high-speed forklift driving.


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We're baaaaack! Comedian Nate Craig (Eggshell) joins the guys in studio to talk about how much Darth Vader we actually got in the original Star Wars, the insane amount of people that watch esports, the sad ballad of Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne, and more.

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Scott Porter (Hart of Dixie, Friday Night Lights) returns to Today We Learned to drop even more knowledge! Why are shih tzus called "Lion Dogs"? Why are boxing gloves more dangerous than bareknuckle boxing? What are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts and why do we give them? Find out the answer to all of these and more on a brand new episode.

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Where did summer blockbuster movie season come from? What is the boozy origin of Star Wars' Salacious Crumb? What's the difference between the three kinds of Grecian columns? The amazing Maude Garrett (AMC's Jedi Council, Geek Bombshells) joins the guys in studio to find the answers to life's burning questions.

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Today We Learned goes international on a very special episode with Swedish podcaster extraordinaire Kristoffer Triumf (Varvet International)! Dan was detained at the border, so special guest host/British comedian Matt Kirshen (Probably Science) joins Razzle in the studio to drop more knowledge than a B-52 full of books.

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Mark Pellegrino(LOST, The Returned) joins Razzle and guest host comedian Daniel Van Kirk to chat about The Hulk, how to pick up broken glass properly, and other awesome nerdy things!

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Alison Rosen joins Razzle and repeat Guest Host Andy Haynes to chat facts about Rolos, Connect Four, playing cards, and how to boil water faster!

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What do you do when a squirrel breaks into your home? Do Fruit Loops really have different fruit flavors? Why are some people born with different colored eyes? The delightfully droll Dominic Sherwood (Vampire Academy, Take Down, The Other) joins the guys in studio to answer life's burning questions!

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How are elephants involved in making a $50 cup of coffee? How did Japanese researchers reinvent the smoke detector for the hard of hearing? Why are people in the UK eating their coffee cups? Adrian Martinez (Focus, Gotham, Louie) joins Dan and special guest host Clarke Wolfe (SleepyCast: The Official Sleepy Hollow Podcast) to find the answers to all of these and more.

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And the Academy Award goes for being the Best Listener! It's a special, low calorie, guestless edition of Today We Learned with your fearless hosts, Razzle and Dan. Join them to talk about weird Oscars trivia, James Cameron's secret past, and much more.

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