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David Blue stops by to talk all sorts of fun facts and nerdery with Razzle and Dan! 

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Writer and Director Christy Stratton (King of the Hill, Awkward) stops by to chat with Razzle and guest host Mike Capes about Texas, Disneyland, all sorts of music facts, and her new web series Everyone's Crazy But Us starring Janet Varney, Keegan-Michael Key, and Kate Walsh!

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Country music "outlaw" Wheeler Walker Jr. stops by with his two person "entourage" to chat with Razzle about Country Music, Kentucky, Sports teams, and some out of control arguments between the three of them...while Razzle just listens.

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Director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Little Red Riding Hood) sits down with Razzle and Mike Capes to talk about her new movie Miss You Already starring Toni Collette, Drew Barrymore, and Howard Stark himself Dominic Cooper. As well as sharing some fun facts about Droughts, Architecture, and she even shares some cool stories about working with Tom Cruise, Heath Ledger, and Hacking into a Beyonce Concert.

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This week the guest is...A SURPRISE! Listen to find out! (Hint: You know these 2 pretty well by now!)

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Comedian Brock Wilbur (Crime Travel, Nightmare Fuel) joins the Razzle and Dan to talk about how many people James Bond has murdered, the most addictive foods, and planning your own epitaph!

Just a reminder — Dan’s new book, 100 Things Star Wars Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, is out now!

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Razzle is joined by comedian and star of CBS's up coming Rush Hour to chat about all sorts of fun facts!

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Something spooky this way comes! Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension star Chris Murray joins Razzle in the studio to talk about horror movies, the origins of surfing, and some other fun facts!

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From The Grand Budapest Hotel all the way to Meltdown Comics Tony
Revolori stops by to chat about Guatemala, Bill Murray, and his new
movie DOPE which comes on out DVD this week!

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On a very special hostful episode, Razzle and Dan talk about the time Tom Cruise nearly played Iron Man, Batman​'s long-neglected co-creator, M&Ms history, and much more! Oh, and lots of Rick and Morty too.

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