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How long can a chicken live without its head? What's the dark secret behind Domino's mascot, The Noid? How do pronounce "Knudsen?" Comedian Matt Knudsen (American, Big Love, Grabbing Lunch) joins the guys in studio to try and suss out the answers to all of these and more.

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You've had a long week. You deserve a BONUS episode of Today We Learned, so Razzle sat down with Shane Nickerson (MTV'sRidiculousness, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory) and returning guest Andy Kozel to talk about the World Cup, the origins of Johnnie Walker, the most unexpected hockey goalie ever, and more.

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Razzle's plane was shot down somewhere over the South Pacific, so guest host Clarke Wolfe (The Bloodcast, Nerdist) joins Dan in studio to talk with comedian Steve Byrne (Sullivan & Son, Champion) about opening for Mariah Carey on tour, the origins of the phrase "balls to the wall", why pilots shout "Mayday!" when they're in danger, and much more.


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By popular demand, today the hilarious April Richardson (Go Bayside, Chelsea Lately) returns to the studio to help the guys find out how you can steal a beach, who really owns the Seattle Mariners, the origin of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, the surprisingly medieval official state sport of Maryland and much more.

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What's the inspiration behind the Sears Tower? How did Oscar the Grouch become America's filthiest sweetheart? What are the world's biggest lakes? The hilarious, hirsute Tyler Labine (Deadbeat, Tucker &  Dale vs. Evilswings by to help get to the bottom of these burning questions. Dan's out of town again (he's like the Carmen Sandiego of this podcast), so Razzle makes like Jesus and takes the wheel.

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What's this? It may not be Monday, but there's a brand new bonus edition of Today We Learned! Dan is out of town, so Razzle sits down with comedians Andy Kozel, Jason Collings, and Mary Kobayashi to talk pogs, cinema in 1984, and much more.

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Behind every great @dadboner is a greater podcast guest. The inimitable Mike Burns (MTV's Ridiculousness) joins the guys in studio to talk little-known Goonies trivia, Michigan's roving insecticide trucks, the history of Lucky Charms, and more!


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Where does the term gypsy come from? What's the deal with Portland's secret network of tunnels? Are those pants salmon or coral? The delightful Joel David Moore (Bones, Avatar, ABC's Forever) joins the guys in studio to find out.

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The men of The Big Ask, David Krumholtz and Jason Ritter, swing by the studio to talk about Mario in real life, mind-controlling fungus, the origins of Mr. Potato Head and much more.

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How many lies could Pinocchio tell before snapping his neck? What are the origins of Oregon Trail? Julieanne Smolinski (GQ, xoJane, Grace and Frankie) joins the guys in the studio to find out!

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