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From TBS's People of Earth, Brian Huskey stops by to chat fun facts with Razzle about Avacados, Count Chocula, and more!!


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From CBS's CODE BLACK, Melanie Chandra sits down with Razzle to chat about the history/types of Karate, Chicago, Hospitals, and a connection to Today We Learned's very first episode! 

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Screenwriter Bill Wheeler joins Dan in the studio to talk about the hidden history of chess, the terrifying truth way A.I. will destroy humanity, and his brand new film The Queen of Katwe, which is in theaters now.


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Impastor's Michael Rosenbaum stops by to chat with Razzle and Dan about Indiana, Smallville and some baseball. Season 2 of Impastor premiers September 28th on TruTv!

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What do Prairie Dog's and Ferret's have in common? Blair Witch writer Simon Barrett sits down with Razzle and guest host David Sullivan to chat about that and other fun facts while also promoting the new BLAIR WITCH in Theaters Now!

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Oliver Trevena stops by to chat facts about Sussex, it's odd name for subdivisions, his new Esquire show Joy Ride, and more!

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Amber Coney from FreeForm's Dead of Summer sits with Dan and Razzle to chat facts about Summer Camps, San Jose California, Disneyland, and more!

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Graham Elwood (Comedy Film Nerds, Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary) joins Razzle and Dan to talk about the box office battle between Marvel and DC, weird sugar facts and more.


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Information abound when actor Edi Gathegi (Blacklist, Twilight) stops by to chat with Razzle about fun facts and his new show StartUp coming to Crackle this fall!!


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