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From Nickelodeon's School Of Rock, Tony Cavalero and Razzle chat and make jokes and discuss how Tony made it to LA and in the industry. 

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Ronen and Razzle welcome in 2018 with fun chats and hangs! Be nice to each other, spread good vibes, and don't be a dick! also Ronen's Pitbull chewed through the mic cables! So listen to this!

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Ryan Rottman sits with Razzle to chat about all sorts of cool stuff including Harry Houdini, Tesla, and his dislike of Styrofoam.

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Writer, Director, Artist, founder of Zoo York skate company and all around righteous dude, Eli Morgan Gesner chats will Razzle about the history of Russell Simmons' Phat Farm, Zoo York, Graffiti, Surf Culture, and all sorts of random and awesome New York stuff. 

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Creator of YouTubeRed's Good Game and awesome actor and writer and gamer guru and very cool friend Michele Morrow stops sits and chats and schools Razzle on the world of Competitive Gaming and her new show Good Game debuting for viewing on August 30th. 

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Stand Up comedian and all around righteous dude Jonny Loquasto stops by the Razzle pad to chat Professional Wrestling, Garbage Pail Kids, and growing up in Pennsylvania. 

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Totally Rad and Awesome Alison Haislip joins Razzle to chat fun and cool things. 

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Writers of the Despicable Me franchise, Secret Life of Pets, and a slew of other great animated movies Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio join Razzle for fun times and chit chats. 

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Razzle stops by ROTTEN TOMATOES HQ to talk with Editor-in-Chief and superfan of all things cool Matt Atchity!

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Writer / Director of the new Netflix film SHIMMER LAKE, Oren Uziel sits with Razzle to have a fun conversation about all things movies and writing and there's even some TOM CRUISE gushing and inside stories about what could have been Mission Impossible 5!!! 

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